About Us Principal's Message

This Institution has made big strides in the academic as well as in other fields from its inception. It has serving the society with zeal and zest. The management and staff have always shown a great sense of commitment, devotion and dedication to raise the standard of the school. It is well known that every civilized society rests up to the solid foundation of discipline without obedience there can not be discipline. Discipline means to follow rules and regulations. It plays an important role in every walk of life. It controls guides and sweetness in our life. It controls, guides our life. It is badly needed in every walk of life, at home, in academic life, in the play ground, in public life, and student life is the best period of preparation for battle of life. So it is my advice to our dear students to be disciplined. As you all know, to every situation in fife there are basically two attitudes pessimistic and optimistic. Most of us are depressed when a difficult situation comes along. But there are few, who convert every disadvantage into an advantage and laugh their way through the obstacle of lie, such a few. A problem just like in math papers should be reviewed as a our own capabilities and endurance. If you fail to overcome it, there is something basically leaking in you. So be optimistic. Social solidarity can only be achieved through disciplined society harmony and order. Be a disciplined gentle man. I express my sincere gratitude to the worthy president Shri R. P Sharma, worthy Secretary Shri Rajesh Sharma, Staff and Students for extending whole-hearted co-operation to set high norms of discipline in the school.

P.K. SHARMA- Principal